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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Calendar 2011

I think it's a bout time I let those who follow me in on the races I'm doing this season. I'm actually only a week away from leaving home in Australia, first heading to Europe then America.

Non-drafting and Des Moines is still the goal, but I've deided to go to Europe to try and qualify. I still want to keep in touch with ITU, and will race a Euro Cup. If I race well enough they might just throw me in the team for u23 Worlds in Beijing. So anyway, here's what I have planned...

  • Klagenfurt 5150 (Aut) June 12
  • Duesseldorf Sprint Race (Deu) July 3
  • Zurich 5150 (Che) July 9
  • Geneva ITU European Cup (Che) July 24
  • New York 5150 (USA) August 7
  • Des Moines 5150 (USA) September 4
  • Lake Lanier 5150 (USA) September 11
I'm really excited about the race in Klagenfurt next weekend, the bike course has just under 2,000ft of vertical ascent! You can see the course profile here :)

So I'm still playing around with some good hill-work for Klagenfurt, and am really happy with how my running is coming along. Building up the km's and building up the speed. After Klagenfurt I'm heading back to Witten for a month to enjoy the company of the German folk, and to spend some quality time at Can Kebap. I'm also chasing a homestay in Switzerland for a few weeks, so if there's any readers that want to help me out, please contact me!

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  1. hey hey
    i can ask the triathletes i stayed with in schauffhausen (30 min drive from zurich and amazing place) if you could stay there?