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Friday, January 18, 2013

2013, New Partners & Base Miles

Happy new year to all triathlon minions everywhere. For me, 2013 is off to a good start.

Firstly, it's my pleasure to welcome the support of Felt, Sram, Zipp and Quarq for 2013 and beyond. As I continue to cement my footing in this wonderful sport of ours, it is very warming to know that there's companies out there watching what I'm doing, and I'm immensely proud to be apart of each brand. Please see the press releases over at the Felt blog & Trizone, links below


Sram, Zipp & Quarq

I saw in the new year with my family in New Zealand. Both my parents were born over in Christchurch, so we have spent much time going back and forth throughout the years. While I love my family, I bought along my push bike, running shoes and pool gear to escape the tyrannies of spending every waking moment with them! So I got stuck into a ton of training which marked the beginning of my 2013 base miles. It's such a beautiful part of the world, and it was fantastic to spend a lot of time on the roads. Here's some shots of the holiday, and some files below of some of my sessions over the past weeks. PS- A holiday to New Zealand is never complete without a 134m bungy jump at Nevis in Queenstown!

Embarrassing family holiday moment #1- 
 My sister did a better bungy dive than me ...

 And managed to get hoisted up the right way!

To keep the adventure going, we got stuck into some white water rafting (I'm front right)

We also had fresh snow in Wanaka (keep in mind it's Summer in NZ), and I managed to cycle up to the snow on one of the passes.

... so the training I was talking about.

I caught up with Kiwi stalwart Bryan Rhodes for a 200km ride, and a good fish & chips stop halfway

Here's the loop (if someone knows how to get the old Garmin Connect embedded image/link thing, please share!)

CHCH - Akaroa - CHCH by hey_burgs at Garmin Connect - Details

And some other loops in NZ

Queenstown to Lindis Pass by hey_burgs at Garmin Connect - Details

Wanaka To Queenstown Via Cromwell w/ Crown Range by hey_burgs at Garmin Connect - Details

And some other loops from home

Bunya-Samford Run Loop by hey_burgs at Garmin Connect - Details

Robina-Wooyung Loop by hey_burgs at Garmin Connect - Details

And there's a whole lot more work to come! I hope to be blogging a lot more in 2013, so please come back often if inclined!

Cheers & all the best for the year.