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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Epic

Easter Sunday, a day full of epics*

*No guarantee anything found in this post is actually epic

Epic 4AM wake up

Epic flame throwers

Epic panorama

Epic M-dot pool (these guys are really opening themselves to litigation here)

Epic mug

Epic ride home from baloon flight (Hatton Vale - Coominyah - Esk - Coal Creek - Bryden - Dundas - Mt Glorious - Samford Valley then epic complications & DNF)

Epic scenery

Epic illustrations

After 115km of rollers, I hit the Western face of Mount Glorious (epic)

25mins of epic gradient got me near the top

And a double flat on the descent on the Eastern side left me in this valley, 30km from home. With mobile phone coverage having eloped with my tyre pressure, I had to make a nice with cyclist-prejudiced motorists so I could hitch back home. EPIC.

The final resting place

So... if you've gotten this far, I salute you for your undivided attention, but alas duely appologise for any suicidal or self-harming thoughts you may have in the hours/days/weeks following your perusal of this colloquy.