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Monday, May 23, 2011

Error 404

If the rapture did happen, it would have done so as I was out riding an awesome loop around my native Brisbane. I even took my camera along with me to document all the chaos and carnage and of course the transcendence: the mountains of the divine ones raising to the heavens while the damned (including myself on my bicycle) fell into the crevasses of eternal damnation. I was hoping I could still do a big gear effort and grind my way out from the depths so I could find some wifi access to sell the photos to the News Corp later on that day.

Here's what I got instead. There were some ominous clouds, and it did start raining a little, but Jesus was always there shining through the clouds over the other side of the skyline making me feel safe. Maybe it actually really was the rapture, just on a small Samford Valley scale. Maybe the rapture was actually happening, but was simply interrupted when sir rapture saw a group of hot country girls walk into the Samford Hotel, so he went in and bought them some drinks but ended up on the pokies all night.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Downer in Seoul

Above is me and Huggy pre-race, you can see the lovely water we swam in.

So today was the Seoul Continental Cup, and it was maybe the most comeptitve Asian Cup ever. With some really good runners in the field, I knew I had to have a good swim/bike combo to get onto the run course first.

Well I ticked off the good swim, thanks to Slovakia's Varga who dragged me along. We had about 45 seconds (there's no results yet) out of the water to the pack, but we maybe could have had 1minute if he could swim straight. Anyway, I dropped him on the bike on maybe the first corner, and was really amped up for a good solo effort but flatted out almost instantly at 1km. The wheel stop was at the transition so I had to ride the rest on the flat but the Techinical nob wouldn't give me a wheel.

Anyway I thought I would make myself useful, so I took some pictures for the rest of the race.