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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Downer in Seoul

Above is me and Huggy pre-race, you can see the lovely water we swam in.

So today was the Seoul Continental Cup, and it was maybe the most comeptitve Asian Cup ever. With some really good runners in the field, I knew I had to have a good swim/bike combo to get onto the run course first.

Well I ticked off the good swim, thanks to Slovakia's Varga who dragged me along. We had about 45 seconds (there's no results yet) out of the water to the pack, but we maybe could have had 1minute if he could swim straight. Anyway, I dropped him on the bike on maybe the first corner, and was really amped up for a good solo effort but flatted out almost instantly at 1km. The wheel stop was at the transition so I had to ride the rest on the flat but the Techinical nob wouldn't give me a wheel.

Anyway I thought I would make myself useful, so I took some pictures for the rest of the race.



  1. Great photos! Bummer about the race, I was excited to see how you would shake up the dynamics of that race. Maybe you can break even for the trip by selling some of these photos to the ITU!

  2. Would have been great to see a small group out front!

    If McCartney (CAN) races you should come out to Couteau-Du-Lac ITU. Potential for a decent front pack.

  3. greetings from europe, well im in bangkok now finally on my way home!

    so sorry to hear about your race.
    i had one of those days where apart from a minor stich which lingered from about the 18km mark to the finish, i had a flawless race, very happy for sub 3 hours first marathon.

    talk properly soon

  4. i would like to see you on the pictures, mate!

    just bad luck.

    how does it look with your plans regarding europe?

  5. Thanks for the comments boizz;

    A-Russ- The beauty of Korean races is the Korean-Pop scene and the travel assist money. I also don't think my photos are good enough to sell!

    M-Sharpe- Not planning on being in that part of the world for C-Du-Lac, it would have been good otherwise.

    DB- I'm loving your marathon, but asked for a race report that has to my knowledge never been composed. Get onto it!

    Jens- Sven hasn't replied, get him onto it or find me accomm in Witten! I'm still on for being in town on June 13 after Klagenfurt 5150 on the 12th.