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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That Magic Feeling

Since I've been writing my own programs, a lot of sessions, specifically the lead up to the workouts, have felt a little drab. Today I'm happy to say I could put old mate drab aside, and really really enjoy being able to train for triathlon. The day started with maybe the coolest swim set I've ever done with Sir Lush, and ended with my best TT on record around an awesome loop close to home (only some of you know it). There's really not that much to this blog, I just wanted to share my passion, and say thanks to the tri-gods for welcoming me back. Being able to do this everyday is a blessing!

This weekend is Seoul Continental Cup, with a decent startlist for an Asian Cup. It's time to learn how to race again! I'm not expecting much, but I think I have at least a little offering of pain to the other competitors.

Anyway, I have a cool song to share by a Mongolian throat singer.

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