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Monday, May 23, 2011

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If the rapture did happen, it would have done so as I was out riding an awesome loop around my native Brisbane. I even took my camera along with me to document all the chaos and carnage and of course the transcendence: the mountains of the divine ones raising to the heavens while the damned (including myself on my bicycle) fell into the crevasses of eternal damnation. I was hoping I could still do a big gear effort and grind my way out from the depths so I could find some wifi access to sell the photos to the News Corp later on that day.

Here's what I got instead. There were some ominous clouds, and it did start raining a little, but Jesus was always there shining through the clouds over the other side of the skyline making me feel safe. Maybe it actually really was the rapture, just on a small Samford Valley scale. Maybe the rapture was actually happening, but was simply interrupted when sir rapture saw a group of hot country girls walk into the Samford Hotel, so he went in and bought them some drinks but ended up on the pokies all night.

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  1. think youre funny do you ;) good blog!
    I like the pictures :)