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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I unpacked this yesterday and just got it together in time for my race on the weekend.

I think I've nailed the setup, but please don't heckle me about the stem issue, it came pre-glued in the box!


  1. Looks fantastic! Please expalin to non cyclist what the Stem issue is?
    You should swap your Garmin Bing maps back to google, use this link to download a patch that is an easy fix (if you use google chrome)

  2. Hi David! I'll try to explain...

    The part of concern here is the 10cm of tube that is sticking in the air just behind the handlebars. When you get a new bike, you cut the steerer tube to a hight where your handlebars will go, and the reason you cut it is so it doens't look liek mine. It not a function issue, just aesthetics. Cyclists are pedantic folk, and everything must be clean and sharp.

    Now with Cervelo's, there's a part in the steerer tube that must be glued in so you can bolt the stem down. This part was glued without taking my measurements first, and now I can't cut it because it's glued in at this massive height. If I was to cut it, it would mean cutting the whole mechanism off, making the bike un-rideable.

    Now I look like a fruit!!