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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Burgs Bargain Buys

The Triathlon industry is what's going to hopefully someday provide me with a really good lifetyle, but the anti-consumer in me is also somewhat appalled by how much people are made to pay for some of the things on the market. So welcome to my new sporadic 'Burgs Bargain Buys' column. Today we talk about hydration for the long distance/non-drafting enthusiast. While I may be a newcomer to this game, I think I have some wisdom to pass on already...

Today I'm tearing a slab off X-Lab. Although I ride a Sonic Wing on my P3, I wasn't happy paying $170aud for it, so X-Lab can go sonic wing themselves in the face. Let's not even talk about the Sonic Carbon and its total 'I want my aero bottle setup to be more stiffer and 15grams lighter' carbon fiber redundancy.The important question is what is on offer for the cage setup that the Sonic Wing facillitates?

As I have found, cage setup is crucial. My first ride on my Sonic Wing was a disaster. I simply attached my existing road cages to the wing, and went about my business. When I ride solo, I dangerously prefer to pay more attention to my ipod than the traffic, and 45mins down the road it was time for my first drink. Who can guess what happens next? You're probably right if you're thinking something like  "Where the sonic wing are my bottles?!!!"

So what can can the long distance/time trial enthusiast do about this? Easy. You just have to spend $70 each (or about $150aud in domestic Australia) on an X-Lab Gorilla Grip cage. Yay for corporate crime! The worst part is that I don't even know if they work, nor would I spend that much to find out if they do.

Alternatively you could go to your local store abuy the 'I can't remember how much because I don't even remember buying them' plastic cage, which will never ever eject your loving bottles!!! Have a look below for the optics of this weeks 'Burgs Bargain Buy'...

Embrace this advantageous purchase, and happy riding!

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