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Thursday, June 16, 2011

3rd in Klagenfurt

Happy to report my first podium finish for the season in the Klagenfurt 5150.

The first part of the swim was in a beautiful lake called the Worthersee. Apparently WTC rules say that under 24degrees is a wetsuit swim for everybody (correct me if I'm wrong), so I was a little annoyed because it's always a closer race with the wetsuits on. I had a little trouble from the start of the swim and didn't feel great. There were three of us (Hayes & Syseov) holding hands and butting heads until the third turning bouy on the map below, so after the bouy I conceded in letting Stuart lead. We had to navigate into a very small canal, which with the wetsuits, would have been smooth and easy swimming for the athletes behind! I was a bit worried it was going to be a large group on the bike because I think we exited with 5-6 other athletes.

The bike course was really tough, with a 6km climb on both of the two laps. Bertrand took command of the bike straight away, and was riding like a demon. Leading was bertrand, the Hayes and I, and we had surprisingly dropped everyone within the first 2minutes. I battled my way up the climb with a smile on my face happy we disposed Filip Ospaly et al. Bertrand managed to pull away from Hayes and I by the top of the climb, and by the decsent he had blown the two of us apart. Stuart and I worked well together (in non-drafting terms of course) for the rest of the bike, but we had lost 3minutes to Bertrand by the start of the run. Bertrand is an very very classy athlete, lots of kudos to him after that ride, and he wasn't using a disc either!

Here's the file, still without power though.... I'm too poor. The course was 43km by the way!

I was happy with my 34:34 run split after only 10 weeks of running and such a hard bike ride before. I think I'm heading in the right direction, and looking forward to getting the time down again in Zurich.

^^^ can someone please tell me how I can legally grow another foot or so?

Here's a bonus picture, the post-race kickflip :) I'm lucky no pictures from the post-race salsa party have emerged!


  1. good blog, I loved the pictures...especially the one of you running :)

  2. that's a cool looking swim down the canal skater boiboi haha

  3. Nah Boss... more photos of kickflips!