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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here's some of the Motley Witten crew I've been getting around with...

Jens 'feeling rather warm' Bödecker 
  • Jens is my homestay here in Witten. He specifically loves the warm winter kit during Summer rides and he is also my Can Kebap partner. He races 1st&2nd division for the PV Witten Bundesliga Team. Jens has also managed to get me back training on the tartan track for the first time since August 2010, congratulations Jens.

 Christian 'mudflaps' Schellhoff
  • Christian is a local cyclist, who aside from riding with mudflaps on his road setup, drinks a lot of coffee and beer. He has decided to combine his hobbies, and has started a road team. 'Beer Ride' sounds a bit weird, so he called the team 'Coffee Ride'.

Tim 'tiny' Allen
  • So small I couldn't take a picture. A local cyclist, Tiny can always be found weaving in and out of the Peloton, and I'm told he's impossible to draft off. Tiny and Christian are both the backbone members of the Bochum Coffee Crew, as seen below...

Dommi 'where's my hair gone' Wawrik
  • Sadly, at only 19, Dommi doesn't have much hair left, and perhaps out-performs Gemmel and Gaag in the race of the receeding hairline. Dommi is a good young talent, and while he crashed out of Euro's yesterday, he will be a big contender for the world junior title if he is on the startline.

Leo 'beard' Nelle
  • Leo has an impressive beard for a 20 year old.While where I come from, the word 'beard' is used as an esoteric insult, there's no insults towards Leo here. An envy of the bumfluff triathletes, such as myself.

  • Helga, minus the swimming/cycling/running is a pure born and bred triathlete. When he's not found sleeping, he's found eating. When he's not found eating, he's looking at the weather outside and procrastinating. On-on Helga.

...and lastly, Josh 'add something in the comments below if you're as witty as me' Amberger



  1. Prost! aaaaah the memories of europe, even those little cups of water with the espresso's takes me back! good read again!
    check your email btw

  2. Prost to your new friends Josh. We will think of a great nick name for you. Elma