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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

River Times 2.0 (special swimming edition)

A somewhat pointless expansion of last years River Times.

The great Ruhr, once a major economic artery for the North Rhine-Westphalia  industrial region, is now the humble home for Witten triathletes, and the maneating Wels Catfish. But I try to forget about that when jumping in, I find that the 15degree water numbs my brain perfectly anyway. ***while 15degrees is an arbitrary number, it is still very cold and will suffice*** The Rocket Carbon Wetsuit does the trick for the skinny triathlete body though!

Yes, I had enough time to take my camera out of my wetsuit and take pictures of the crew while I was swimming. Sorry boys :p

Anyway, I thought of a useful tip. Swim with water in your goggles to avoid swimming like Andy Potts and Richard Varga. What I mean is, while you don't realy want to avoid swimming as fast as these two athletes, you want to avoid their shocking navigation skills. Master this, because surprisingly, a little water in your goggles clears the fog!

Because this is an ├╝ber swimming edition, I'm opening up a chapter from the D.Lush 'Book of Spells', my primary swimming resource. Ideal for the travelling triathlete without access to a swim squad.

 4.8km of swimming delight! You can also do maybe 200m easy on the end to make 5km, just so you can sleep at night.


  1. I used your trick today when I went to the lake for some open water :)

  2. Hey man thanks for putting me on your blog list, Just noticed then. Been following yours for a while props on what you are doing and how fast your are racing, Thanks again