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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Times of Grace

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited as an awards recipient to the University of Queensland (where I study) Blues awards night. For those unpardoned souls who are unaware of what a university Blue is, it's significance can be found here http://www.uqsport.com.au/index.html?page=7122

With so much history behind an award, it was a pretty cool to be one of four recipients this year at a uni of about 30,000 students. The whole night wasn't however dedicated to Blues awards, and served a much broader task of appraising UQ Sport, which is a wonderful organisation that hosts many sports, teams and clubs, including my training squad! There were many special guests including Blues recipients dating back to the 1940's, up to the 1970's. Of course these guys are always more alive that what their age would suggest, and are always keen to sponge up the free booze and elaborate relentlessly on some narratives from their golden years. One Blue from the 60's told of a cruise he had with his mates, and how they decided to play a joke on the skipper, for which he was locked in a porta-loo and promptly pushed overboard. Other special highlights from the evening included a speech in response to the toast, for which was done by your truly ;)

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Keep it real.

Campbell and I

One of the weather-beaten types in attendance, my Dad


One of the Larakins, Jules, a Blue from '63 I think.

Guilty of Nothing!


  1. Joshua your accolades make me feel comparatively inconsequential… Elizabeth