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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm leaving soon for Wellington, which will be the season opener in Olympic Distance terms. I'm very excited for this race, as Wellington usually means the toughest guy wins!

Here's two pictures from 2008 to give an indication of the course. I would say this course has a very intense clinical medical condition known as bipolar. It might be 90% flat (the other percent is a bastard child hill that comes at you like a buzzard) but at any given time you could be going 60km/h sipping coffee or reading horoscopes (whichever your preference), then turn a corner and BANG, the wind adjusts you to 15km/h. To be honest, I love it, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Just maybe, I have found true love.

If you click on the above and take your attention away from my sweet biceps, you can check a little of the swell that strings out the swim. I'm sure many pee in their wetsuit pre-start even though they are plenty warm.

Time to demonstrate my style, hopefully I can report back with some good news!


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