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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raby Bay Brutality!

The past Sunday saw the second race of our national elite series at Raby Bay. Unconventional had it's name all over this race again, with a 250m swim/5km bike/1.6km run three times through after short breaks. Fecal accidents aside, I think everyone enjoyed the race and had lots of fun. I myself managed to stay out of trouble and finish in 3rd place, a step up from the first race of the series. It's great to be back on the podium!

Swim starts are getting worse and worse nowadays, with all three swim starts in the male races unfavorable to those not willing to cheat; namely myself, all-round good guy Jimmy Seear and a few others around me like Sam Appo. A few of the guests down under from Europe, and even some coaches on the sidelines don't seem to understand what respect is; at least they are not making any friends because of it. Nevertheless, during the first swim start I spent most of the time trying to stay out of the immenent bloodbath after a slow start. I managed to advance quicker than what I thought to come out of the water in the front group. Onto the bike there were only a few of us working, which meant all the main players caught us, namely Courtney Atkinson, Dan Wilson and a few others. With the dismount and transition very slippery, I took it pretty easy, as well as during the first run leg. I sat back off a pretty large group amazed at the speed the guys were willing to take the first run. I was throwing down some hypotheses' in my head as to who would be able to hold the pace throughout the next two races and as to when I had to make my move. I knew quite a few of the guys wouldn't be around for much longer, so I didn't have to use to much energy, and worked my way up out smarting Atkinson for 5th :)

The second and third races were much the same, with the run turning out to be just as quick but with much less people to contend with, with each time having to chase down the bloody electric Dan Wilson, and Dave Matthews. I finished 4th in the second race, and improved on that again with a 2nd in the final race, finally getting Matthews. Well done to those boys, I love racing when you have to lay everything down and show all your cards. Hopefully I can improve on my position again for Oceana's in Wellington in the coming weeks.

A drug test, chocolate muffin and double espresso later I was on the way home to spend the day with the family for my dad's 65th birthday. He's the best looking 65 year old around so on that note congrats to Dad! I gave him a book (How to lose a Battle), did the dishes and put the new tyres on his bike, which all was an easy win, and consolidated my position for the day as favourite child. What a great day!

Take it easy, Josh

(Please send some pics of the race through if anyone has any!)


  1. This race format looks fun. How long are the breaks between races?

  2. It was about 10 minutes break. Just enough to let yourself think you had recovered...