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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Food 1.0

So the rain hasn't stopped, and neither has my insatiable desire for food. Not only did my inflated chocolate quota (boost bar, cherry ripe, large cold rock with 5 mix-ins, specifically 2x turkish delight, 2x caramello koala, 1x caramel fudge, 1x oreo) from yesterday fail to appease me, it only aspired me, or moreover my mum, to more lustrous manifestations.

Here's the baking I came home to today from training :)

Guilty Suspects: Banana Bread (front), Honey and Oat Slice#1 (back left), Honey and Oat Slice #2 (back right).

More on food, one of my favourite sessions is the long Bunya trail run or threshold build, including breakfast with the comrades post effort. Here's some pictures from last Thursdays :)

Hunger pains aside, I need to be more like Ash, and have an Ash-sized Ashcake. See below for example!

Expect many more posts on food!


  1. 2x turkish delight, 2x caramello koala, 1x caramel fudge and 1x oreo equals 6 mix-ins, not 5? :)

  2. How do I stop my brain withering?