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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally Flo got somethin' to sho! :)

Two years in the making, these are the first visual manifestations of my Flo wheels! They're currently in the post, and I'll pick them up in Austria in two weeks for the Klagenfurt 5150.

If this is the first time you've come across Flo wheels, get out from that rock and czech 'em out at http://www.flocycling.com/

On a side note, here's my race schedule for the next 2 months...

Klagenfurt 5150 (AUT)- June 10
Berlin 5150 (GER)- July 1
Muncie 70.3 (USA)- July 8

If I'm running low on points for Hy-Vee, I may have to take Muncie out and put New York 5150 in. Otherwise, I'm having another crack at a 70.3 to try and qualify for Las Vegas 70.3 Worlds. Last time I looked, I was ranked 48th in the Vegas PR, which I'm sure will slip below the top 50 (qualifying cut off) soon. I've gotta' get in ya'll!!!

After Muncie, I'll be off to Boulder for my first ever block of atltitude. If you're in Boulder and read this blog, don't be a stranger, give us a shoutout and show me some loops yeah!

I'm also looking for somewhere at sea level to train for 3 or so weeks in August, if you've got suggestions or wanting to help, drop me a line below.

Cheers, and look out for me in Klagenfurt on June 10!

1 comment:

  1. "Cave Coffee" is a long way from Klagenfurt Josh.
    Love the new pics. Paradise at last.You are in a beautiful part of the world.