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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hurting in Huatulco

I was fortunate enough to get a start in the World Cup in Huatulco two weekends back. I don't do many ITU races these days so I never have enough points to get starts in the good events. Luckily I was accepted into the race a few weeks before and was going to be in the States for St. Anthony's 5150. I booked my flights down to Mexico, packed my drop bars and didn't bring many expectations with me.

Huatulco was a fantastic course. A nice beach start swim around scenic little bay, 8 laps all out on the bike with huge hills and an undulating run. With the hot weather it would guarantee a tough race where only the strongest doggs would prevail! Unfortunately for me, I missed the mark and let my good form from St. Anthony's the week before slip away.

I really tapered into St. A's. It was a focus race for me because it had a little bit of coin & lots of points for Hy-Vee. I did the job there with a 4th place and I recovered really well from the race. Because of the good taper,  I can't even remember feeling sore of tired after the race. The mistake I made in approaching Mexico was that I took another easy week after St. A's to rest up again for Huatulco when I didn't really need it. By race time, I was flat and out of shape!

I really battled all day in the race. I had a poor beach start but caught up the front of the swim quickly only to find some athletes off the front. I was really hurting in the legs from the start and didn't want to use the energy to chase. The race was always going to be about conserving because of the tough conditions. On the second lap of the bike however, I accidentally (and stress accidentally) found myself off the front of the pack, and was soon joined by three other athletes, including Aussie Ryan Bailie (later finishing 10th). We worked well together and by the end of the cycle we had 65 seconds or so on the chase group. I really paid for the work I did in the breakaway though, and labored for the next 40 minutes (seriously) on the run. It really wasn't a pleasing occasion, but with the recurring thoughts of pulling out in the bike & run, I'm pleased I stuck to my guns with the bike break and actually finished the race.

I would like to race in Huatulco again, but will of course arrive with a different approach. I'm probably lucky these are the only pictures I can find of myself from the race. Also a big cheers for the local Mexican supports during the race, it certainly kept me going.

Up next is Klagenfurt 5150 on June 10.

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  1. Burgs, way to tough it out man!! Like Lindsey Corbin says (paraphrasing), race to win and if winning isn't in the cards, then finish! Of course, as a pro there are times when a DNF is a strategic move for future races and injury prevention. But, I'm loving the blue-collar, get 'er done attitude, even with a timing strap digging in your achilles! Hate when that happens.

    No limits,
    TJ out...