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Friday, June 8, 2012

Inventory + Klagenfurt Impressions

I've landed in Klagenfurt in Southern Austria and I'm really really digging the place. I raced and stayed here last year, but it's certainly a pleasure to be back because this place is stunning. I've been thrown some accommodations (race hospitatlity A+) at a magical sports resort called the Wahaha Paradise and I'm staying here with the French powerhouse Billiard Bertand. But before I spill the anticipated panoramic & training images, I've got some inventory to spruik.

So check out my new getup for the cycle, a P4 + Flo60 & FloDisc. Digg it or die...

Also my new custom suit by Rocket Science which you would have seen from St. Anthony's. I'm wrapped in the Rocket Sprinter swim skin, especially perfect for USAT sanctioned races and stupidly cold (20 celcius) European swimming pools.

And the suit for a wetsuit swim (had I actually needed to put on it at this particular time I would)

And here's the madd dogg Garmin 910xt with swim metrics so I don't have to expend energy on mundane tasks like counting laps.

And the rest....

Dining area at our resort

Face off with big Billy

Course reconn with some amateurs


Big Billy...

Inexpensive & clever pool/pond at the resort

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