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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Culinary Exposition

On the menu in the Rocket house tonight-

Pan fried salmon, topped with asparagus, dill and a green curry sauce (coconut milk with thai green curry paste); with a side of stir-fry Kasha (Eastern European buckwheat) with spinach, brocolli, peas and beans.

I've come from a family where I can expect a meal on the table every time I come home (love you Mum), so I've had to teach myself how to cook since I've been away from home. I think I'm doing alright (modestly, this is the reason I've done this blog in the first place yeah?). From my last two homestays in Zurich and now Austin, it seems that I've fallen into the principle of 'you buy and I'll cook'. That works fine for me with supplies like this :)


  1. Wow Josh, when did you say you were coming home??
    You're the preferred cook from now on.
    Love you too.