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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Burgs Texas Ranger

I'm currently in Austin getting some training done before smacking down in Des Moines on September 4. It's hot here, very hot. Not a day cooler than 40°C, and no rain for the foreseeable future. I've only just started training again since the race in New York, I had to take 5 days off with illness. I not sure what it was from, I could have been carrying a bug for some time and the race put me over, or I could have simply got a bad dose of the Hudson down in me. Either way, I hope the time off helps me to pedal circles instead of squares.


  1. All a bit too much for the pup Josha :)
    Have fun x

  2. does anyone live in texas with you?
    looks like you are on your own only with some dogs.
    But for sure better weather than here in germany.
    Have fun and a good time...

  3. Great Homestays you have Joshua. Who needs a hotel when you can stay in great places as you have done.
    The dogs are fabulous, just what you have always wanted. Amazing experiences!!