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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Big Dance

Welcome to Austin TX, a very homely city that greets you each day with a 40+degree (I don't know, maybe 106F if you prefer ancient and obscure measurements) punch to the face and a whole lot of sunshine.

It would seem that when you're doing most of your training indoors, you don't have many ideas for a blog and your life becomes rather mundane. But with the big dance now less than a week away, I have to get some jumble on here to let you chaps know I'm still turning the pedals.

Indoor training aside, I've had another great homestay here. I'm staying in the household where Rocket Science Sports was born. These guys are pumping out some really good shit, and are about to launch their new line for 2012. I'll be debuting their new swim skin (which is sick lad) at Des Moines next week, so if I lead out of the swim assume it was the skin and not my hard training. They will be launching an updated website soon with the new kit, so have a go at that train when it comes along.

I've been thinking of home quite a bit, and drinking American coffee doesn't help the longing. Watching classic Aussie films like Two Hands and The Hard Word gets me by though, and I have found Clarke and Dawe is really good at killing pain.

But I still haven't stopped thinking about the job next Sunday. I have sacrificed alot of my running training to make sure I'm strong enough on the bike to either ride solo off the front, or ride with the best. Swimming has been equally prevalent in my preparations. There's no point turning up to the race if I can't use my strengths.

I'll also be rolling the dice in my first 70.3 in three weeks time in Syracuse (New York state), just for a bit of fun. I'm going to be totally ignorant about what it will take to race and win a 70.3, so maybe this will work in my favor like it did for T.Bozzone in Wildflower '06 when he was 21.

So I'll keep preparing, and you might keep reading if I think of some ideas for a blog with meaning. In the meantime, you lads should give me a gee-up for the race 'eyy!


  1. Good luck mate!! Will be rooting for you in Hyvee, is there anyway to follow the coverage??

    Good luck with the 70.3 distance! never knew running downhills could be so painful until I did my first race at that distance.

  2. josh, best of luck at hy-vee. i will be rooting for you!

    -dan in oregon

  3. Youre amazing :)
    enjoy the race