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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time in the Saddle

Not too long, but long enough for an olympic distance athlete. We had a great ride this morning, same loop as 2 weeks ago over Mt. Glorious and through Fernvale. The ride was 5:25 pedal time, with 146km total including 2.25km of vertical ascent, and 40degree temperatures in the mix. Essentially, it's a hard 146km.

This is the loop, click on it to see the ride on Garmin Connect. I said it's the same as two weeks ago but I'm telling a little fib, but more on that soon.

This section is where most of the business is done. Brutal in parts, but very very beautiful riding. This is the Goat Track and Mt. Glorious climb. Around the back of the mountains you can see our water supply, Wivenhoe Dam. We actually do a perennial Esk loop, which is this loop but around the dam, which is 220km total. We haven't done it this year yet, so I guess it's not really perennial anymore. I'm okay with that though.

Okay so then you will notice in this section we did a bit of a dog's leg.

How many times do you do a ride and have to turn around because the road is flooded? Well today was one of those rides, with Mt. Crosby Road taken over completely by water. Not wanting to get my ipod wet, I was okay to pass on the swim across the rapids with my bike on my back, my shoes still on my feet and my jersey pockets acting as drag nets :p

So with my new Edge800, we sought an alternate route which had us land here, in this primitive part of the world where bridges haven't been invented yet. Yes,  it's a barge crossing the river to service traffic.

So that's today's ride in a nutshell. I wont go into details about all the grumpiness and wack theory Campbell and I had to put with when Jack Walgers talks.

I will be posting something monolithic (in blogging proportions) in the next few days that will require involvement from everybody, so come back soon.


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  1. I feel like I missed out on some good kms.