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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sea Change

I don't often blog about swimming, but a few recent changes have compelled me to. I have decided not to go back to my normal tri squad with Shaun Stephens, and have decided to pursue my own agenda. I'm the kind of guy that is way too competitive, and I didn't think being in a squad environment was really benefiting me. The last 5 years I had been training with Shaun had been dedicated to simply beating everyone else in every training session. It took me 5 years and a average season this year to realise that this way of training was quite counterproductive, and that I need to be doing things in my own interests to get to the level that I know I can reach. So for me, training a lot smarter is now king, and I have started doing sessions in the places I have always dreamed of (Brisbane is a really great place to train, you just need someone who knows where the good stuff is!).

On this new agenda of mine is  a small swimming squad at Brisbane Grammar School, coached by young genious David Lush. Lushy is my sister's ex-boyfriend, so if you read this Eloise, sorry but he is a good coach. It's an amazing pool complex in inner city Brisbane, it's only 25m but has the widest lanes I've ever swum in. It's a nice change, and one that is getting me motivated to get back to my top swimming ability, which I haven't really seen the last 2 or so seasons. Here's this afternoon set, which was good fun....

If you click on it and read, it's a time chart for a set of 28x50m on 1:30. You get to pick your level, then just do the times! I picked level 5, which started off with 2 50's at 28.5, then 6 on 29 etc etc. The times get rounded to the nearest half a second, and if you miss one you're in trouble! Fun set :) Level 5 was easy, but level 4 is crazy. 2x27.5, 4x28, 4x28.5 etc etc. Maybe some day, but not this time of year! I'm enjoying 150bpm and below way too much to even think about that.

This is another new water playground of mine.

I've started training with Courtney Atkinson on Mondays, and this is his back yard. A giant freshwater lake in suburban Gold Coast. You can do 1km reps from end to end, or 4kms straight around the perimeter. Training is too easy when it's this accessible! 

I'm also half way through my level one triathlon coaching course, and could be interested in taking this further is anyone is interested. 

Lastly, this interesting and impromptu package came in the mail today from this Canadian athlete. 

When I saw cookies on the customs declaration form, I had to check it out. So apologies go to my girlfriend Ash, she is furious another girl baked for me. Cookies from Canada, from another female = major bickery. I find this really funny, so sorry Ash for when you read this.

Take it easy,



  1. you lost me after the first sentence when you said you'd talk about swimming! ahahah CA's lake looks inviting to swim in, hope theres no freshwater bullsharks?

  2. Good Luck with the swim change (must admit the swim times are over my head!), so what exactly is in that package? Looks like fish??
    Think I stayed at CA's 'resort' last Xmas = watch out for friendly Pelicans!!!
    Tonight my son was flicking around the channels and I told him to stop when I saw S.Korean Tri on Bloomberg of all channels!!

  3. Hi David, that's funny about the race. Was the coverage any good? And did it look bloody hot?!!

  4. ummh sorry mate can't remember about the weather! I think it looked overcast which means it 'looked' cool! Coverage was the normal excellent Tri package!

  5. tell lushy to fuck off for me.

  6. ^^
    fucking crack up