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Friday, December 24, 2010

Annual Blog Awards

Okay so I'm going for something different with this post; let's just call it the Triathlon Blog Awards 2010. This should be a bit of fun, and I'm hoping everyone will get involved.

One of my posts recently received a comment from David Sweeny of the Running Masters blog, which went something like;

      "Hey Man with such beautiful Post's as this and so little comment from your readers perhaps you need to get your blog out there a bit more and advertise what your saying because it is really worth reading"

I'm not going to lie, I started this blog to get a bit of exposure, a bit of support, and maybe a few fans. I don't really know if any of this has happened at all, so I'm going to see what you all think. So, bring on some feedback, and maybe a little bit of fun sledging :) Do some research of your favourite athletes and look at the blog rolls on the sides of peoples pages to get the who's who of the triathlon blogging community. Hopefully myself and other readers can come across some other good sites (I'm obviously going to have a big ITU bias), and I'll add every new site I come across on my feed to the side.

I've made a list of categories below, and the idea is for people to vote for their favourite triathlon blogs in however many categories they choose. Make up your own category even. You can leave your name or post annonymously!

The prize is pretty much limited to benign cyber respect.


1) Best Blog/Content

2) Wordsmith

3) Hardest Hitting Entry

3) Most Sporadically Updated

4) Biggest Blunder

5) Shortest Lived

6) Most Sponsors Listed/Best Subtle Sponsor Plugs

7) Most Repulsive Entry

8) Worst Spelling

Merry Chistmas everyone, I'm off to the tropics of coastal Malaysia for a while :)


  1. Hi Josh, Im actually a junior triathlete from Adelaide and have been following your blog for a few months now..for someone like me your blog ticks all the boxes and is really inspiring especially when aiming for the ITU level. I think its great when professionals blog their training sessions on a regular basis as it gives the reader an insight into what it takes to train at that level. Out of a number of professional blogs, I think yours should receive the vote for best content/best constructed.

    Keep at it.

  2. 1) Best Blog/Content - Pete Jacobs (petejacobs.com) - Not updated all that often, but the archives make for some great reading.

    2) Most Sporadically Updated - Emma Moffatt (emmamoffatt.com) - Four entries in 18 months. Epitomises the "too busy training to blog" approach.

    3) Most Sponsors Listed - Matty White's race report of IMWA2010 (http://mattywhite.com.au/blog/2010/12/ironman-western-australia/) Example: "One of the great advantages on this course is that you can survey your opponents at each turn point so I managed to see Luke at the 20km mark an I could tell in my RYDERS vision that he was starting to fade so I lifted the pace and found myself in 2nd place at the 22km mark."

    4) Most Exclamation Mark Used Per Post: Rebekah Keat (http://blogs.teamtbb.com). An unreal number of exclamation points. She is super excited ALL of the time. I love it.

    5) Weirdest Blog When Translated Into English: The Raelert Brothers (http://blog.raelert-brothers.com) An example: "He wanted to perpetuate in the sports history books. This Raelert Michael has just done in stunning fashion! Michael has won for the second time the Foster Grant Ironman World Championship. This feat is yet reach no other."

    Keep up the good work Josh. Really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. I forgot

    Best 1st, I mean 3rd Person Race Reports-



  4. 1) Best Blog/Content- Bryan Keane http://www.bryankeane.com/triathlete/

    2) Wordsmith- Andrew Russell http://andyrussell.blogspot.com/

    3) Hardest Hitting Entry- Tie between Matt Chrabot http://chrabot.blogspot.com/2010/08/you-get-what-you-pay-for-thats-freakin.html and Bryan Keene (literally) http://www.bryankeane.com/triathlete/?p=1378#more-1378

    3) Most Sporadically Updated- Jamie Huggett http://www.jamie-huggett.blogspot.com/

    5) Shortest Lived- Jamie Huggett http://www.jamie-huggett.blogspot.com/

    6) Most Sponsors Listed- Sam Volkers http://samvolkers.blogspot.com/

    7) Most Repulsive Entry- Will Clarke http://will-clarke.com/icky/

    8) Worst Spelling- Josh Amberger (So my folks always tell me)

  5. Great blog, avid reader. Here are my picks + one extra. Canadian biased though :)

    1) Best Blog/Content- Gavin Noble (Irish have the wit)

    2) Wordsmith- Tie w Jasper Blake & Ian Donald (dudes has literary skillz)
    http://www.jasperblake.com/blog/ http://iandonald.blogspot.com/

    3) Hardest Hitting Entry- Simon Whitfield (Run in with German Car pre-Worlds) http://simonwhitfield.blogspot.com/2010/09/infamous-let-me-start-by-saying-im-ok.html

    4) Most Sporadically Updated- Paula Findlay

    5) Shortest Lived- Scotty Dagnall

    6) Most Sponsors Listed- Ben Collins - http://bencollins.org/

    7) Most Repulsive Entry- Will Clarke (AGREED!) http://will-clarke.com/icky/

    8) Worst Spelling- Kirsten Sweetland (as a result of hyper active typing) http://kirstensweetland.blogspot.com/

    + 9) Best Photos - Josh Amberger - youralreadyhere.blogspot.com