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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Non Dvcor Dvco

So a twist of fate has seen me relocate to Tiszaujvaros in Hungary, the location of my next race in 2  weeks time. Unfortunately I am yet again by myself, but I have always been one to say that I only really feel lonely around people. Being by myself is not such a big thing for me, I have been by  myself, funded myself and coached myself for almost the entirety of this journey, and regardless of outcomes, I have come to realise I can only really count on myself to get the things I want most (noteable exceptions know who they are). I recently just finished my last uni exam, which I was very pleased to do. It however came with a $250 price tag (off campus fee), so thanks to uni for screwing me on that one. I was hoping that I could return to Team Witten in preparation for this race, but this became untenable after the team demonstrated to me that they care more about their pockets than the athletes that ultimately line their pockets. I am however very happy to be in Tizy, a town that is spoken about a lot in the triathlon community. With the support of the Markus family, I feel like I can actually now concentrate 100% training and racing, the two things that are such a big part of my life.

Cheers, Josh

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  1. Hi Josh,
    just read your blog... well done son, I am very proud of you - you have the courage and strength within yourself to suceed. You are an inspiration to those who perhaps have not had the courage to take up the cudgel to "have a go". My best wishes and love for you and your training in Tizy.Go Ozzie !!
    Luv Ya, Dad xx