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Friday, July 30, 2010

My life changed about a year ago. I was out in the 'burbs of Singapore in the midday heat when I walked into a store. I was looking for a beverage that could replenish my fluids that had been displaced by the tropical humidity. I looked in the fridge once, I looked twice, and on thrice glance, I saw a white can with dashing decals of purple and green. This I thought, was the beverage for me. I paid the petty fee, and lifted the aluminum key. The can purred at me and I silenced it with my lips. As the soft residue acquainted itself with my mouth, seduction was consolidated the gentle aloevera pulp lofted around the cavities of my mouth. Thou had found love.

As with many romances courted abroad, AloeV and I parted ways. A year and four continents later,  my journey led to me Spar Tiszaujvaros, where a keyhole of light shone down upon on a row of Aloe V's in the beverage aisle. Again I paid the petty fee, and was reunited with this can of joy once more.

Long live Spar Tiszaujvaros, the only other know stockist of AloeV apart from Jurong East petrol station :) If anyone else has had a similar courtship with this wonderful beverage, share your passion in the comments below!

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