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Friday, June 25, 2010

Same Game, Different Country

You know you're in the Netherlands when your sitting in a garden like this.On Wednesday I travelled from Witten to stay with some family for a few days in Eindhoven. This is the second time I have visited the Netherlands and I love it, it's a very homely sort of country. This is a land where bikes are the rule of law, and it's pretty cool to see peletons of people riding all day to get around. Cars even give way to bike here. I went for a ride and passed a military base, and even a platoon of soldiers in full combat gear gave way to me :) But having the right of way isn't the best part about riding in the Netherlands, it's the fact that the place is as flat as fiddy's cap.

I also got the chance to swim in the Van Dan Hoogenband pool, but the most important thing was I got to revisit the public viewing for the World Cup (Netherlands vs. Cameroon in Eindhoven).

So when my first team bows out disgracefully, I get to cheer for my second team which modestly won all their preliminary games. I am afterall a Dutch citizen :)

So today I am crossing the border to Belgium where I will race this Sunday in Brasschaat.

Keep it real!


  1. Josh, you had better buy some orange gear, you look Australian. Your bike looks awesome near the canal.It's like the postcards of gnomes that visit all around the world.Go hard Dutchie.

  2. soccer viewing looks fun! crazy football fans.
    good luck tomorrow :)