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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Morocco Continued

I can see why Africa bleeds fast runners; the race on the weekend was bloody tough. For those who don't know it was a sprint distance, which felt very familiar coming from the Bundesliga's. I swam hard on the front and managed to get a nice little gap with 2 other Aussies, Gareth Halverson and Shane Barrie. We stayed away for 2 laps of the bike course, until we were met by some bridgers. The course was pretty relentless, and an 800m downhill pretty much meant it was imminent our little trio got caught by the main pack of 12 or so guys. We sat tight until the run, which is were the tyranny began. The 5km course was over 3 laps. Over those laps, you were either running uphill slow, downhill fast, or into a headwind. Did I mention it was stinking hot? It was impossible to find a rhythm and I doubt anyone felt great out there. I think the winner splited home in 16:55. However it was a great little scenic race, and a great experience. I think the crowd in the Liberation Circle was bigger than what I saw in at the Sydney World Champ, and I'm sure it was a once in a lifetime thing for those Moroccan's to see. I hope they walked away with a warm heart.

I am still in Morocco, literally hanging out to head to Madrid for this weekends race. Training has been hard, but I managed to find a good little ride loop along the coastline, and up a nice little climb. Here's some pictures :)

I also got to witness an urban football game, Moroccan style.


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  1. Hi Josh,
    just thought I would add a little - I have heard from people who have been to Morocco several times over many years and they stated that time has stood still for up to 30 years - quite amazing !! enjoy the remainder of your time there and stay safe.
    Love Dad xx