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Sunday, June 13, 2010


I was going through a few things, and came across some lab testing from the beginning of the year. Have a look if you're interested!
Now that Jimmy 'Boss' Seear has left camp in Witten for new pastures in France, I've been left to my own devices here in the kitchen. Here's my go at a vegetarian lasagna. It was ok!

 Kane and I sucked it down with some German beer and ice cream to boot!

Also for fun, you know the food is bad at McDonald's when the cooks are wearing industrial grade face masks...


  1. VEGETARIAN lasagne???

  2. It was not an act of vegetarianism, but merely a vegetarian dish :)

  3. Haha, sure, sure! :)

  4. Hi Josh,
    From one who knows a little about cooking... if you say is was a vegetarian lasagne and it tasted like a vegetarian lasagne - it was a vegetarian lasagne !!
    Great that you are cooking up a storm, when you come home - think of all the culinary details you will be capable of cooking for us - the family. Love your work. Dad xx