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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

You know you're up early when the paper hasn't been delivered yet...

Those abroad aside, the significance and legacy of ANZAC Day for Australians and New Zealanders need not be explained. My Dad's side of the family has roots that run deep within the military, with each generation having fought the battles and campaigns of their times. 4:20AM Dawn service at the ANZAC Square cenotaph is a ritual my father and I attend perennially to play our part in keeping the legacy alive.

My Dad served for three years in Vietnam for the 101st under US command, as well as many other posts in South East Asia for almost a decade. Maybe this is where I get my love for the Asian continent from? Anyway I use to ask Dad why he never marches in the ANZAC Day parades, and he always replies by saying that he likes to remember his mates in his own special way.

This morning, I also had my own personal ritual of remembrance, a 90 minute build run.

The Set; -30mins @4:45 pace
              -20mins@4:20 pace
              -15mins@3:50 pace
              -15mins@3:10 pace
              -10mins warm down

The suit was thus exchanged for the running attire. My Dad was also a 2:22 marathon runner; so attracted by my task, he followed behind on his bike.


For those out of town, the larger map is of greater Brisneyland, and the smaller map is of the specific run route (21.21km). Thanks to Garmin for the handheld GPS. Actually, thanks Dad for buying it :)

What a great morning.

One day there will come a time for me to serve my country in arenas outside the sports field.

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1 comment:

  1. -30mins @4:45 pace = Sane
    -20mins@4:20 pace = Sane
    -15mins@3:50 pace = Sane
    -15mins@3:10 pace = INSANE!
    -10mins warm down

    Wow! That's quick.