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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Changes to Sydney WCS

The closing words of my last post are now in question.

I started my day today with a 90 minute trail run, then a swim at 10Am. When I arrived at the pool, Shaun my coach asked if I had brought my running shoes along with me, implying we were doing another run. Puzzled, I asked why. He said he got word today that Sydney has been changed to a Duathlon, because the ETU had complained of the threat of Shark Attacks in the harbor.

Let's just hope they find a way to remove all the sharks by the end of April 1st :)


  1. posted after 12pm..jokes on you:)

  2. We did a synchro show in the marina mirage boat harbour... They assured us they had installed a shark deterrent (applies an electric shock to the sharks when they come within a certain distance?!)If that thought is not scary enough, apparently, they forgot to turn it on....