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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amateur Cartography 1.1

Ipod, GPS, cell phone, camera, banana, bike tube. These were the items I took in my back pocket today on our squads 4 hour ride. Each item has its own intrinsic significance, so let's discuss;

Ipod- crucial, no doubt about it. When I need melancholy, the Ipod delivers. When I need brutality, the Ipod delivers. When I need ambience, the Ipod too delivers (just turn it off).

GPS- It's good if you're a yuppy.

Cell phone- Crucial when you need to call mum to pick you up.

Camera- My blog wouldn't be anything without it, as each posts would be as pointless as this.

Banana/bike tube- Well these have no real tangible value like the items above, but I like bananas, and I don't like riding on rims.

And finally, the overall intrinsic significance of why I disclosed the aformentioned is nil. Nevertheless, it was a great ride. 4 hours (111km) around the best loop in Brisbane. So without further a due, and with their significance consolidated, I'll let my camera/GPS continue to talk.  Here's the loop :)

Most of the loop is through Mt. Mee State Forest. This place is amazingly beautiful, specifically the section up to Campbells Pocket and just beyond (below)...

I would have taken better pictures on this ride, but I was enjoying the descents too much :)

But whatever, natural beauty is ok. Let's face it, the beauty of food is better. This is the actual reason why we do this loop! 500g of blueberry danish @ Wamuran bakery :) This my friends, is righteous.

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