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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Las Vegas 70.3 Media

An interview from the race and a short race production video, thanks to Verdict Media! (the embed codes don't work for some reason so you'll have to follow these links to watch)


Race Video

I'm currently preparing for the U23 ITU World Champs in Auckland New Zealand in a little over two weeks time. I've come up really good from Las Vegas, strong an uninjured, and very motivated to race at another World Championship. The format isn't something I've obviously dedicated myself to the last couple of years, but it's the style of racing that I'm blooded in so I'm confident I'll still be competitive, especially considering the brutal strength based course. Running a quick 10km with the top ITU guys is a little out of my depth at the moment, but I can certainly grind out a strong run like in Hy-Vee & Las Vegas 70.3. Though the bike leg will be my weapon & the course is certain to bring more pain than a Cold War era Rambo trilogy. Stay tuned!

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