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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Omens, Portents & Second Place Finishes- Muncie 70.3

Three races, three second place finishes. I remember this sort of stuff happening to Bevan Docherty in his consistent days circa '08, or in more modern times (sorry Bevan you're old) & taking in a broader demographic, everyone finishing second to A.Brownlee. Nevertheless, if I can keep this up and finish second in my next two races, that will mean I will be bringing home some HyVee & Las Vegas bacon, which as it happens, promises to be some super fine and luscious bacon.

There was a lot of drama surrounding Muncie last weekend (see most US based Tri forums) because the Indiana vastland was bulk serving record breaking temperatures. The race organisers made the call the day before the event to shorten the 70.3 to something just above Olympic distance (1600m, 48km, 10km). I was somewhat disappointed because I had gotten myself mentally and physically ready for a 70.3, treating the Berlin 5150 six days before as just a warmup. I know I need more practice at the distance for Las Vegas 70.3 Worlds, so it would have been nice to do the full race. Though at the same time, I knew the shortening of the race gave me a small advantage over the regular long course guys competing, but at the same time it pitted me against one of the best short course athletes ever, Greg Bennett (half Aussie, half Yank, full traitor, just kidding Greg). I didn't complain, and was just keen to get the race underway to test myself! Best on the day right?

The water at the reservior was a nice warm broth of 32 C or 89 F, but I hacked it out and led the swim by just over one minute to mentioned old hat GB. I somewhat felt before the race that the winner would come from either of us. My chances of this however somewhat diminished when I stupidly took a wrong turn on the bike about 1km in because a police car was blocking the course. I kind of knew I was going the wrong way, which makes me sound really dumb for doing it in the firstplace, but without a lead motorbike youn can never be too sure. I fixed myself however and probably lost a good 30 seconds straight up. I continued to hold a nice lead on the bike through 'till 40km, but it was this point where I saw Aussie strongman Christian Kemp & GB slowly pulling me in. Once they were about 100m from me I sat up and decided to sit in and wait for the run. I'm really happy with my riding this season, I can say that most of the big miles I've put in have paid off, so hopefully some good wire to wire performances are coming.

In Singapore 70.3 I predicted that the run would be between Kemp and I to the line, and because he's got some fast feet I also thought he would be running well in Muncie too. While I would try to run with GB for as long as I could, I knew second would be between CK and I. Though like Singapore, CK was off the pace and left GB and I to battle off the front for the win. Though on the sharp Muncie rollers I wasn't much of a match for Greg, and he took the crown from me by 1.13.

So second is ok! I banked some spending money & secured my spot for Las Vegas. Now it's time to get back to some long miles and cough up a lung in the hypoxic town of Boulder CO. Cheers

(apologies for the bad pictures)

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  1. Well throw another shrimp on the barbie! Party's on the podium once again and MC Burgs is in da house scratchin the vinyl!! Yeah doggie, way to go Burgmeister...

    -TJ (The Original Mad Fan)