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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Metaphorical Deja Vu in Berlin 5150

Historical metaphors reigned supreme on Sunday, with the East overpowering the West in taking victory in Berlin. With this somewhat crude dip of the hat out of the way, I was beaten to the line by Filip Ospaly who took his third victory this season. It's not hard to tell this guy is in hot form this season so I didn't feel too bad about it. On the other side of me in third was 2008 Beijing Olympian and local hero Christian Prochnow.

The day started out at the reasonable time of 8am, and we swam a 1 lap 1500m swim in the Spree River, and symbolically crossed over the markings twice between East & West Berlin. My plans were to race hard off the front, so I took the lead in the swim and tried to put down some pace. We found ourselves swimming an 800m or so strech up river and against the current, which made it hard to separate myself from the few guys swimming on my feet. I managed to keep the pace going and led out of the water with a few atheltes in tow.

Feeling good at the start of the cycle I laid down a bit of power and separated myself from the rest of the crowd, and managed to get just over 90 seconds on Ospaly by the end of the bike. I knew to win with only 90 seconds over this beast was going to take a huge effort & even a low 33minute split couldn't keep him off my back.

It would have been fantastic to take the Berlin title, but I raced with no taper & still managed some pretty quick splits. So while I'm happy with this, I'm still searching for my second win of the season. I'm feverishly writing this report up before Muncie 70.3 tomorrow, so hopfully I can find a win here this weekend. I can feel it's getting closer!!!

So... a fantastic 5150 event in Berlin, which is by far one of the coolest cities I've travelled to. Definately coming back to Berlin in the future & a recommended event to all.


  1. Get out the hammer and nail, it's time to build Burgs Bungalow on the podium! Way to go Burgs! That pesky Filip again...Hats off to him though for a great effort on the run as usual.

    -TJ (Mad Fan)

  2. yeah burgerman! keep up the good work #tridogsyeahyeah

    1. Thanks bossdoggg. Are you enjoying the Winter commute in Brislamabad?