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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

With Belligerence I Ride (+ swim & run)

While this digital edition of 'Burg's abode' has been undoubtedly senile this year, I've been putting in big training miles, with 35hour+ training weeks becoming as ubiquitous the increasing value of my self-indulgent underground vinyl collection. Yet ultimately, we train to race, so I opened up my Olympic Distance season on the weekend down in Tasmania for the Devonport ITU Oceania Champs. I had an unambiguous goal to race as well as I could, knowing I hadn't exactly prepared adequetly for a draft-legal, fast & malovelent affair. I'll spare all excuses and disclose that I posted a big fat acrimonious DNF.

I swam well & normal, coming out second in my choice Rocket Science wetsuit. I've been riding back to back 500km weeks on the bike for 2 months now, so I was expecting to be belligerent & brutal with my tactics, hard and fast establishing a nice lead by T2. Unceremoniously, a combination of things had me up shit creek by 20km into the bike, and I dropped out of the race with lactic acid spilling out my nostrils. A slow start to the season for sure, but it's something which is easily adjusted by bringing some more intensity into my strength based miles.

I'm lining up this weekend in the Singapore 70.3 for some redemption, and will definately be bringing out the belligerence for this race to try and get some early points for Hy-Vee in 2012.

*pictures as always, reproduced without permission*

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