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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caloundra Ritural Teil Zwei

For part one, wind my posts back two years ago. Refer to this post for the present day race report...

The format: 400m swim, 7km cycle, 1.8km run, 200m swim, 7km cycle, 1.8km run.

While these numbers seem completely arbitrary, the speed of the race wasn't. It was hard from the gun, likeareallad. It was a small field, but a quality one, with identities such as Atkinson, Good & Fisher toeing the line.

My current training load is nearly as big as a Captain Ahab era leviathan, so I wasn't expecting to be super quick, but I was certainly expecting to be strong. I lacked only a few seconds of leg speed on the first run to put myself back in the mix for the second round, as three athletes were a wombat's dick up the road. I was relegated to the second pack by default to finish 5th, but was still less than 60 seconds behing Courtney who took the win.

The evidence....




  1. wombat!
    Good work Burgy

  2. Classic nickname. A cool chick must have thought that up.