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Saturday, March 12, 2011


No pictures today, just a few words I felt compelled, and rather proud to share.

I call it dream swimming because it's sets like these where essentially, I fade in and out of dreams.

* How does that song go again??? That's it..... (singing out loud in the water)*
*Need to buy the new Urfaust LP*
*Oh yeah, and A Forest of Stars & Solstafir*
which normally follows with
*Shit is that 200 or 300?*

There's really more to my dreams than that, that's just all I feel comfortable to share :P

Anyway I don't share sessions too often, but I've no problem with this because I can assure myself no other Triathlete will ever be stupid enough to do it.

Main Set:

12x400m, broken in three sets with a kick swim off between sets

3x400 on 5mins
1x400 broken (hard)- 200m, 100m, 2x50m
6x50's kick on 50seconds


Thanks to CJ for the company! Laverty, you chose the right session to wag for a surf.


  1. how is kick on 50secs 'swim off'?
    haha the whole thing is crazy

  2. yeah i totally agree with ash...
    really crazy...