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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Journey to the End

So controversy has been afoot within the crypts of the online triathlon world, mostly in response to Matt Chrabot's pre-Kitzbuhel banter. I have come to really respect the guy, not just because he sees things for what they are, but also because he can back his shit up too. Well done Matt on yesterday's race, finishing a stoic 4th. More so, congratulations to Stu Hayes on maybe the sickest win I've ever seen. I feel as if I share some things with Stu, as I draw on some of this post-race comments;
“The only way I can win these races is to get away on the bike, otherwise there’s no chance for me.  Either I get away and it works or I end up near last place because I gave everything I had trying to get away. That’s the way I like to race.”

For now, this too is the way I race, and after watching yesterdays race, I don't think victory could be sweeter any other way.

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