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Saturday, August 21, 2010

한국 감사합니다

I'm in Incheon, South Korea at the moment and will be racing the continental cup here tomorrow. I had to get back to Asia at some stage this year, and I'm glad I have made it this race. No athlete will ever get treated so well going to a race as they do here in Korea, and the sick course seals the deal. It is perhaps the most bravely conceived course I've come across, so I hope it turns out to be as good as I'm anticipating. Here's the view looking over race site from my window.

Basically the swim is two laps out and back in a tiny little canal, maybe 40m at its widest point (it's a full field too, 76 guys!). Transition can't really be seen, but is behind the random golden stairway in the middle of the picture on the left hand side. The bike is technical, and should be great for a small front group. The run is on small paths through the little area of bushland seen in the photo, and is quite undulating and windy. It should make for great viewing and a very tough race! The course goes along all the photos below. *Also, Dimitry Gaag will be performing his comeback race; 40 year old former world champion and former (?) EPO user*

I would like to take the time at the end of this post to publicly introduce the young Ryan 'I don't have a nickname' Fisher. He is racing tomorrow and again in the junior elite at Budapest. He has been carving me up back home on the pavement over the past week, and I'll definitely be a little anxious tomorrow when his little man syndrome kicks in. Watch out for this kid!


  1. Cool buildings in those photos Josh! Looks like some kind of hula hip dancing buildings! How did you go?

  2. Yeah mate, Korea is a pretty far out place. In between all of those building are roads wide enough to land planes on just in case the airport gets reduced by the North. I'm hoping to hit the running circuit a lot more in the future, see you around!