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Friday, February 19, 2010

Moments, Men and Places

As much as this blog is about myself, it's content will not definitely not be limited so. I intend to share things which I have placed into three catergories; moments, men and places. When I write about these, I will be seeking to explain a certain things exponential ethereal value to myself, and where I can, draw some lessons from the experience. It is these three things through day to day encounters that makes me awe, and leaves me with that special thing resonating inside.

Last night the band Isis provided me with one of these moments. Most of you who know me (apprentice Appo aside) may stop reading now, but attention needs not to be payed to the band itself, but what they bring to their performance. The sound of Isis is huge, which is difficult to explain. Simply put, its the soundtrack for those times we feel truly transcendent, like when time stops and feelings prevail. Nevertheless the way this band can move people, and the way it moved me is truly amazing. I hope to one day do or be apart of something that will move people in the way this band moves me. That is something that I think would be truly righteous.

Here's some Isis...

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