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Monday, November 21, 2011

Island Migration: Part 2

I'm waiting on some race photos from Saturday, so I've done a video from the cycle leg in the meantime. This is my first time recording & editing anything, I hope you will all enjoy!


  1. good work! That turned out awesome.

    everyone please note Josh and Jimmy made those hills look a lot easier then they are :)

  2. Fantastic squire! I can see that camera getting used for a nice black and white-misathropic think piece, set with little Forest of Stars background music to further set the tone...

  3. Good on you Josh...I knew Keith Williams, founder of Hamilton Island, so have stayed there from it's very early days, his wife Thea has asked me to go up there with her next month and 'spread his ashes to the wind'.
    I'm going to post this on my FB as my nephew Steven is a bike rider similar to yourself!
    Bette Arkinstall