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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Düsseldorf Deeds

On Sunday I saddled my P3 with drop bars, and hit the sprint race in  Düsseldorf. Watch a short video of the race here.

I was really excited for this race. It was only 40mins from where I'm staying in Witten, it had some big names, it was draft-legal and good money. I wanted to do it for a good training race, to check my speed and have a bit of fun!

The speed was on the whole way. The swim was pretty quick, and I was swimming next to Frodeno the whole way, until (and you can see it in the video) I did a Wiltshire, grabbed his hips and jumped over him. We were swimming totally the wrong way, and I knew we were but didn't want to change direction because I assumed the Olympic Champion knew the course. Anyway, it didn't really matter, because all the good guys were going to be in the front group anyway. The ride was 3 laps around a techincal course with some decent cobble sections. I pushed hard and I think i was the strongest rider on the day, but Iknew the run was where ther pace was going to go down! I ended up running well I think, and finished 5th. Almost 90 seconds down from Zipf who won (the guy ran mentally quick) and 1 minute down from Frodeno. Loschke rounded out the podium and Olympian Prochnow finished 4th. I think my split would have been just under 16minutes (the course was too short to know the exact times), so I'm happy with this knowing I can still improve a lot more. I think if I was a foot taller, running would be a lot easier for me! Look at the behemoths in the pictures below! 

All in all, a lot of fun, and a great day out enjoying the triathlon life.

This Saturday is Zurich 5150. Should be great fun with some big names present- McCormack, Reiderer, Wild, Amey and heaps others. Hey Macca, 'I'm here to win!'



  1. in good shape mate
    look out for christie gerber (swiss local i stayed with) and matt jennings (perth triathletes) in the ironman
    i think my mate james lewin and ben lyons are doing the sprint distance the day before also

  2. I keep trying to use that excuse for my swimming, but you keep proving me wrong! Good to see you back in form. Beijing calling?

  3. Hi Tim, excellent work in Schliersee!

    I would like to consider myself a contender for Beijing, but my only chance to qualify will be the Geneva Euro Cup, which currently I'm not on the starlist for. There's 10 Aussies in front of me, so I'm hoping someone pulls out. I don't think TA wants to see me race anyway, it seems their not interested in helping me in anyway at all, not even with a start.

    DB, I've talked with Beat and am meeting him on Sunday to watch. I'll look out for Lewin and Lyons.

  4. Thanks mate.
    I'm feeling your pain for Geneva, I'm the place behind you on the wait list.
    Maybe your Zurich result will help. Should earn you a Hamburg start if there was any consistency ... if only.