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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Very Important Disclosure...

This is a small back-catalogue of shoes that I have sitting in my room. There's 10.5 pairs of shoes here, don't ask me where the other .5 got too.  I was looking at all my shoes, and I had this groundbreaking thought. I wondered just how many pairs of these shoes could fit into my new Rocket Science Sports bag, and I'm pleased to say that I had a small victory today when I easily fit all 10.5 pairs of shoes in the bag.

So if you ever have 10.5 pairs of shoes around, this is a timely reminder that you can fit all 10.5 pairs of shoes into a Rocket Science Sports bag. Oh yeah, it will also fit all of your triathlon related things in it too! The best thing is this is only their entry level bag. I can't wait to get this yummy one!

It is with this note that I announce an exciting new partnership with Rocket Science Sports, under official distribution in Australia by Xosize.

These guys have some great stuff, and I will be racing in the Rocket Racer trisuit and Rocket Carbon wetsuit exclusively this year. Check them out!

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