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Monday, November 22, 2010

500km Relay

This is by far one of the greatest events I have ever done, and this is my team, Victory Sports. This events is monolithic; 11 teams, and 500km of pavement to cover in three days through a beautiful pocket of rural South-East Queensland. This is the third year I have done the relay. The first year I did in back in 2008, we had a great team to compete against and we only won that year by 8 minutes, which is pretty close over 500km of running! The last two years, we have been relatively untouched, and won by 4 hours this year. However, to our team its not so much about the competition, but rather about the great friendship and the love of running. You just hit the pavement and go, and don't stop until you see the cones and your next runner waiting. I ran 6 times, and did legs ranging from 3.7-5.6km. I think the shortest leg you can do is about 2.4km, whilst the longest is 6.6km. There are also criterium events every day which are mass starts, and each team must field 6 runners for each. I did the criterium in Toowoomba at 5am on Sunday morning and managed to win in windy conditions which I was very happy with. The last 2 legs of the relay are a similar format with 6 runners from each team, but this time are just straight out slogs along a dirt track called the Rail Trail. I managed 3rd in the last leg after a sloppy sprint finish to two very quick runners in my team. Anyway this was a great event with great company, I love it and will be back every year! Here's some digital manifestations...

From the Garmin filing cabinet;

(to view these files in metric, there is a button up the top right of the screen)

Leg 1, day 1

Leg 2, day 1    *stoked with this one (downhill stage)* max speed is a little out, accidentally hit the button once back in the car

Leg 3, Day 2

Leg 5, day 3 (Toowoomba Criterium)

Leg 6, day 3, (Rail Trail)

And the physical memoirs;

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  1. Yes it does sound and looks like a lot of fun!
    Great running.