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Friday, October 1, 2010


I've almost finished my first week back on the bike, and will have racked up 650km+ by tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Today I was back down the Gold Coast getting another reminder from Courtney that I need to get fit quick! Our session this morning was 3xSpringbrook reps, with no.1@300Watts, no.2@315Watts, and no.3@340Watts+. For those alien to the Gold Coast, Springbrook is a shallow/medium grade climb that takes just over 20mins to ascend holding similar wattage.

After Springbrook, the man and lady of leisure (which would be Ash and myself) were once again chasing an extended bout of leisure, with fishing being the obsession of the week. Ash managed to catch a preggers Blue Swimmer on a line, and I equaled her with a nice Bream! The Blue Swimmer went back, but the Bream succumbed to the knife and pan later in the night. The carcass was jazzed up with a bit of rice, asparagus and soy replacing the parts that I took out :)


Tomorrow' agenda...New Dehli baby!!! If this blog never gets updated after this post, it probably means Al Qaeda got me.

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