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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Extra Curricular 1.1

My Mum spends her days as a primary school teacher, and she loves her profession so much that she teachers the adorable little rat bags in grade 1. She is a always a little overzealous, and has a collection of magnets and other tangible items that can harbor witty slogans (these are actually given to her by the even more enthused parents). One that has been around for a while says;

     2 teach is
   +2 touch a life
   =4 a lifetime

I may not have taught her kids much today, but let's hope I have given a few kids the fire that will hopefully develop into a lifelong passion for Triathlon. The lucky kids below got to play with my bike, but only after they answered a question each, those being 6+4, and 3+7 :)


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